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The Beyond Brooklyn seminar was the first step for our family to seriously consider life outside of our Brooklyn neighborhood.  [They] put together a well orchestrated presentation with knowledgable realtors who had been through what we had only started thinking about.  We walked away feeling excited, informed and had a solid starting point as we looked for our next place to call home.

-Jen from Park Slope

I found the Beyond Brooklyn event I attended very helpful and it made me so happy to know that making the leap from Park Slope to the suburbs wouldn't be so bad. It opened my eyes to towns and neighborhoods that I knew my family and I would feel comfortable living in. We would be able to get the space we crave at a price we are comfortable with but not give up all that we love about Brooklyn. We are also currently working with Alexandra and Jessica to sell our home, and they have made the process as stress-free as it can be.

- Randi from Park Slope

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