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Beyond Brooklyn™ can assist in a move even outside the traditional suburbs of NYC.  We have a wide network of experts ranging from the Hamptons to the Catskills and beyond.  We can connect you with a great community, whether you're looking for a weekend escape from the city or a new primary residence.  

Beyond Brooklyn helps to make transitioning to the 'burbs and beyond seamless.  We provide a holistic view to any relocation, whether you are moving 5 blocks or 500 miles away.  We can advise you on the move from here to there by providing great resources and recommendations to ease the stress.  

We periodically hold seminars to discuss the areas beyond the 'burbs.  Sign up for our email list to learn about upcoming events. 


If you're a property owner outside the city and are seeking a assistance in marketing your home for sale, we can help.  We work with fantastic regional agents who can reach a broad audience and expand your reach beyond your local market.   

'Burbs and Beyond

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